Daan Timmer

T: 0614454892
@: daantimmer.90@gmail.com

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“Who might I be?”, you could ask.

And I would answer, because I’m nice like that.

My name is Daan and I’m a 29 year old illustrator from Rotterdam. I love sci-fi and fantasy and combined with my passion for multi-cultural race politics I try to create worlds and narratives that make the viewer conscious of the actual world around them.

Having done freelance work for editorial websites and illustrative magazines like Vers Beton and Bliksem Magazine  I’m looking for more of this kind of work. So if you’d like to contact me, look below.

@: daantimmer.90@gmail.com

T: 06 144 54 892

Born 26th of July 1990
Living in Rotterdam


copyright Daan Timmer 2020
Rotterdam, The Netherlands